Fantsy Pance (keelamonster) wrote in antifuckwit,
Fantsy Pance

So this isn't a fuckwittage post, but. . .

It's for a good cause. I apologize in advance for the non-topic posting, but I'm posting to all of the communities to which I belong to spread awareness about some auctions going on for the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer. Here's the skinny:

I have this friend, Lisa, who is doing some good work right now. She's raising money for breast cancer. She's had this brilliant idea, which she put this way:

Project Teddy Bear started as a realization that, living in New York City, I've got a lot more access to popular celebrities than most of my friends... and that I could use that to help me raise money for the walk. So, I bought a bunch of little stuffed bears from the Avon site and started hanging out around stage doors asking movie and television stars doing stints on Broadway and off-Broadway to sign them. I also went after a bunch of bona fide theater stars. We got off to a great start the first weekend successfully getting Hugh Jackman, Richard Dreyfuss, Jerry Orbach, Peter Scolari and Elizabeth Berkley. They got the momentum going and, before I knew it, I had to order more bears!

She's got more than just bears for sale on the auctions, so go to her website at and check it out and give some money to charity. You can write it off, you see. And you'll be doing good things.

Chop chop. Or you'll miss out.
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