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antifuckwit's Journal

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The Anti-Fuckwit League
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This is the Anti-Fuckwit League.

We don't like men who play games, manipulate us, or disregard and ignore our awesome selves. We're egotistical, vain, and proud. We have a theme song and a t-shirt. Actually, we don't, but that doesn't mean it won't happen, dammit.

"...somewhere in the future men will freaking realize that we are alot stronger than they give us credit for, realize that they need us for a lot more than we need them...... so in the future, all you men who have the balls to check out this antifuckwit community of fed-up women, think about what you are doing or what you have done in the past.... we are serious..... and we are here to say fuck you!"

Join. Bitch. Complain. Vent. Rant. Kick the balcony wall. Give it up, girl.

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