spider_finger (spider_finger) wrote in antifuckwit,

well well,

you call men sexist? hehehe, whatta load, me, i believe that your opinions are almost entirely either hypocratic or based upon prejudice or unfounded reasoning.

1)ask yourself how society got like this in the first place?
2)for those of you who are religious, eve was the one who ruined it for everyone...
3)in my opinion, the only difference that wasn't inflicted by manipulation, pre programming, or influence, is purely anatomical.
4)there is a trade off, in exchange for men thinking the way they do, as a whole, women think the way they do. women have far more leverage, men...well what equals it out?
5)now think if there's anything else you should consider (there always is)
6)think....should i really even voice an opinion? or form one in the first place? should anybody?

note: this is not an attack merely a statement of my opinion, i should not have made it, let alone made it known, and i am abusing nobody, please do not abuse me.

hmm, men are cunts, yes. but women are bitches
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