birdsong4j (birdsong4j) wrote in antifuckwit,

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you know, as a whole, i like men.
when i see a large group of my guy friends arming themselves with golf clubs and going after a guy, just to defend the honor of a girl who got her ass grabbed at a party, my faith in the gender is renewed.

however, i can NOT tolerate things like my old job, where girls were made to do the undesirable jobs on a regular basis, were paid less (and this is an hourly retail job, not even a corporate position where the so-called "glass ceiling" could come into effect--it was the difference between starting at $6.50 and $7/hr., but it was still a discrepancy), and any complaints to the (primarily male) management were laughed off.
thank god i'm out of that place.

[/end rant]
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