eureecka (eureecka) wrote in antifuckwit,

the female f*ckwit?

what the hell is wrong with women these days? yes, i am one, but still... i grew up surrounded by the male of the species and then surrounded by them in engineering classes in college and now i find myself amongst women and i just don't get it.

my closest friend at work is moving in on a guy IN HER GROUP, reporting to the same supervisor. her history is this: she met a guy at her last company who was married, moved in on him (she's very aggressive about getting what she wants), then once she had him, decided the grass was greener on the other side, cheated on him (with someone else from her job), broke up with him, got back together with him. now, she's moved to this job. she is very flirty at work and attracted the attention of one of those i'm-an-asshole-and-proud-of-it guys who was only looking to get laid, who just happened to be married. so, while she was moving in on him (well, being swept along by his moving in on her), she was trying to justify her behavior to me 'cause she was PLANNING to cheat on the no-longer-married boyfriend. she told me that "comfortable was boring" and she needed "the thrill of the chase." so, she cheats on the boyfriend, he guesses that something is going on and breaks it off. this time he tells her that he can't live like this anymore and he doesn't want to see her again, ever. so she cries and tells him that she can't live w/o him and they need to be friends. dumb cluck that he apparently is, he falls for it. so, she's juggling the boyfriend and the asshole. one friday, a bunch of us go out after work and she gets all flirty with the guy in her group. saturday morning (she went home with the asshole), asshole wakes up, looks over at her and says "we're done, i'll take you to your car." the next monday, she's totally manic - one minute she's all giggly and happy over the flirtation with the new guy, the next she's in tears and falling apart over the asshole. so now, asshole is history, the former boyfriend is taking her to new orleans for her birthday, with her best friend, who gets to be the third wheel. she's lying to the former about the new guy. she's lying to the new guy (who happens to also be a friend of mine) about the former. she's STILL flirty with every attrative male that she encounters at work, and she's all pissed off at me 'cause i am not even remotely supportive of this whole idea. in the meantime, she called the former on saturday morning to break a date so she could go hang out with the new guy. the former informed her that he would take her to new orleans as planned, but then he was done. he FINALLY has decided that she's no good for him and he's decided to move on. and now she's decided that since the new guy didn't totally dance attendance on her on saturday, she's not happy with him either 'cause "she needs to be the center of attention." am i the only one thinking that any man with a brain should run like hell when she looks his way?

she's only one of the seemingly endless parade of women who are completely, utterly irrational. what is going on???
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